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Serverius launches new German PoP


PoP at the datacenter InterXion Frankfurt GermanyServerius networking is proud to announce his new network PoP (Point of Presence) at the datacenter InterXion Frankfurt Germany. This new PoP will add even more bandwidth capacity to the global Serverius BGP network and it will provide the lowest possible latency from Frankfurt Germany to the Netherlands.

Huge network upgrade by Huawei routers


Upgrade Serverius core routing environment by four new NE40E-X8A Huawei routers
Serverius announced the upgrade of their core routing environment by four new NE40E-X8A Huawei routers!

RETN extends its presence at Serverius


RETN extends its presence at ServeriusCooperation between RETN and Serverius DC is flourishing with the launch of the second RETN 100G+ IP PoP at Serverius DC2 in the Netherlands. By doubling its presence at Serverius, RETN is able to provide reliable connectivity to a larger number of Serverius customers, as well as to support demands for high performance and safe data processing of its own clients from all over the world.

New DDoS filter launched at CeBIT


New version DDoS at CeBITToday at our 2nd day of CeBIT Germany we have launched our new version of the DDoS filter! At our 15 minute speech at the big presentation stage we showed a few of the 150 new options in the DDoS client panel. Beside of this nice new client control features we also launched 5 major additions in the DDoS cleaning engine.

Overview of the year 2014


Serverius datacenter newsThe past year 2014 Serverius changed a lot of technical things. This article shows what we have changed in 2014 and will give you an idea of our future plans for 2015. Questions? Please visit us in one of our datacenters or call us.

DC2 upgraded with CAT generators


CAT LogoDC2 will be upgraded with 2 brand new CAT generators. We are proud because these will be added in a N+1 setup what will finalize the Tier 3 datacenter setup (if one generator is failing the other will take over). Together with the redundant PON/CAT flywheel UPS system it offers the highest possible datacenter power quality.

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